Insurance Claims & Fraud

Having originated the use of subrosa film evidence for the defense of personal injury suits in 1932, Krout and Schneider, Inc. provides a complete range of investigative expertise for insurance carriers, third party administrators, self-insured companies and their attorneys.

Each Krout and Schneider, Inc. office is staffed with trained surveillance investigators whose skills are honed by doing this difficult work on a daily basis. Using video and photographic equipment, they obtain documentation of malingering plaintiffs as corroborative evidence to reduce demands and defeat claims that might not otherwise be disputable. These same skilled surveillance specialists also provide their expertise on theft and employee misconduct investigations.

Statements and AOE/COE
Insurance, business and law firm clients understand the importance of being represented by investigators who not only grasp the issues and get the facts, but present a professional image as well. By properly representing our clients, we reinforce the bond and relationship they have with their customers.

Insurance experts recognize the importance of knowing a claimant's track record and if he or she habitually malingers. This not only provides counsel with the facts for trial, but also gives the claims person the insight necessary to properly administer the file.

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