An undercover investigation is usually the most successful and cost-effective means of proving misconduct because the investigator actually interacts with suspected malfeasant employees. The original objectives of undercover are usually to document theft, substance abuse or sabotage, but valuable ancillary information is also developed on employee morale, efficiency, supervisory effectiveness and safety, to name a few. Investigations are coordinated with law enforcement as necessary.

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Specially skilled and trained with an understanding of labor issues, our interviewers obtain written and/or tape recorded statements from witnesses and suspects without coercion, threats, or promise of leniency. These statements detail their knowledge of such issues as employee involvement in theft, drug use and sales on employer property, or other violations of company rules. This evidence becomes an invaluable tool for the employer should they elect to discipline wrongdoers.

Special Investigations
Each assignment is unique. While no two investigations are identical, the techniques, experience and staff used to solve each problem are similar. Many assignments require a combination of public record searches, lifestyle verification and assets discovery to augment other methods. Workplace investigations are handled in a discreet and professional manner with utmost confidentiality. In theft and sabotage cases, sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment may be used.

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