Whether it be conducting fraud, theft, substance abuse or trademark investigations, litigation support, tracing lost technology, handling special inquiries related to competitors, workplace violence or other employee misconduct investigations, we have the expertise to address a company’s needs legally, efficiently, and in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. While identification of the problem and solving it is important, deterrent measures are critical. As a full-service investigative agency, we have the ability to provide a wide range of assistance.

Fraud, Theft and Dishonesty
Utilizing our staff of professional investigators, surveillance and research departments, we have the ability to conduct timely investigations ranging from simple employee theft to complex business fraud, violations of corporate policy and procedure, due diligence, and ascertaining financial responsibility.

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Litigation Support
Attorneys often require investigative support during litigation. We provide support in locating witnesses and assets, verifying backgrounds, obtaining witness statements, jury surveys and other critical areas as needed.

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Employee Misconduct
Potential exposure for employers has drastically increased in recent years. By using a series of investigative checklists that can be tailored to each client, we have resources to provide in-depth and cost effective third-party investigations.

Workplace Violence
Our company has developed a program to address issues of workplace violence utilizing labor counsel, health professionals, employee assistance, and protective service consultants. Training can also be provided in preventing and identifying workplace violence.

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Support Services
Often, our clients require expert technical or forensic services that go beyond normal investigative techniques. Fingerprint and questioned documents analysis, polygraph examinations, security/safety surveys, forensic science consulting and technical countermeasures to eavesdropping can help provide cost effective solutions to business problems.

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